Happy Valentine’s Day!

The big day for expressing love is one week from today, and in the interest of helping make your celebration of love extra special, I’m sending you three Valentine’s Day gifts for you that will cost you exactly nothing, zero dollars, nada, zip… but could make a big difference in your love life.  :)

The first 2 gifts are from my friends at Relationship Coaching Institute (I’m on their team, helping to train new relationship coaches).

(1)          A certificate you can print out and present to your spouse, titled “5 Promises of Radical Commitment.”  These are inspiring and get to the heart of what committed love is.  http://www.getrcimedia.com/external/rci/doc/radicalmarriage/5PromisesOfRadicalCommitmentCertificate.pdf?eid=8926&usid=015c8d0c28f7483840a7987387b735d5

(2)          Download a free copy of “The Relationship Journal E-Book” (a self-guided relationship enhancement tool for couples) here: https://www.mcssl.com/SecureCart/Checkout.aspx?mid=AA9B0329-2554-4E39-A747-F5635F12FAFD&sctoken=dc385e589385488b8cb0ded8d85525ee&bhjs=1&bhqs=1

(3)          And number 3 is my personal gift to you.  I am inviting you and your spouse to make an appointment with me on the phone for two 1-hour conversations to talk about any subjects you would like to discuss with me.  Perhaps you have some specific concerns, or perhaps you would appreciate exploring possible ways to make your marriage even stronger.  As a part of this offer, I’ll provide you a marital assessment to take individually.  If you would like to do so, we can discuss your relationship goals; any currently unmet needs, wants, and desires; and various action steps that can be taken to bring your relationship more in line with the blessing God intends it to be.

The easy way to do this is for you to go to my online calendar ( http://treasuredrelationships.com/v3/calendar ) and select one of my available time slots, so that we can have the first session sometime between now and the end of February.  Then I’ll send you the details about how to connect at the appointed time.  We will use my conference line, which makes it easy if you are each calling from different locations, such as on your lunch breaks at work, etc.  If you would like, I’ll record the call and email you an MP3 recording shortly after we get off the line (so you can review it later, don’t have to take notes, etc.)  If you don’t want a recording, I will not make one.  This is totally optional.  Then, about a week later, we will have a second call to follow-up, dig a little deeper, or whatever I can do to support you.

If none of my time slots can work for you, send me an email ( dave@treasuredrelationships.com - not a response to this newsletter, because that simply doesn't work).  I'll do everything I can to figure out a way for our schedules to match up.  Also, if only one of you can make the call for any reason, that's fine.  It doesn't have to be both parties on the line at the same time, though that is often helpful.

Remember, this is a gift.  I expect nothing back in return.  If you want further support from me, we can discuss that option.  But these two sessions are free and without any sort of obligation.  I count it an honor to be able to help couples thrive.  And I believe that essentially every marriage has room for improvement.  We often settle for far less than God’s intent in our most significant earthly relationships, perhaps because we simply don’t know what could be done differently.  Helping YOU is my life’s calling and greatest source of fulfillment.

May your Valentine’s Day be a special time of expressing love and commitment.  And may you experience the fullness of God’s blessings in your marriage.

With love,
Dave Wilder