As you know already, I hope, I was the guest on Louise Crooks radio show last week.  I am posting the links for all three replays below, with a brief synopsis of what the topic was:

The 1st interview: “The First Step to a Fulfilling Christian Marriage”

At the start, Louise asked me about what I do and how I came to do this work.  So this made the interview a bit longer than the other two.  After covering the introductory portion, we jumped into the topic for the day.

Marriage is something we DO, and what we DO in our marriages makes all the difference.  We all get married expecting and wanting to have a wonderful relationship with this person we love so much.  And then problems arise when we don’t know what to do to build a strong and fulfilling marital relationship.  The couple ends up doing stuff that does not ever lead to a fulfilling long-term marriage.  If this was a dance, their dance steps simply don’t work very well.  They keep trying those same dance steps over and over until they get frustrated, give up, and get a divorce. 

Then very often these individuals try the same dance moves all over again with new partners, and are surprised to end up having very similar results.  There is a much better way to fix the problem, which does not require changing partners and brings those loving feelings back.

In this interview I explain what the very first step is to begin the process and learn to do the dance correctly.  A couple who are struggling in their relationship and have little or no hope of things ever being any better can take specific steps that will restore their hope and in a few short months lead to the marriage they wanted at the start.  Listen here:

The 2nd interview:  "Discover The Divine Purpose for Marriage, and Follow God's Plan"

We are designed by God to be in relationship with our creator and with one person of the opposite gender.  Marriage was originally God’s idea, and He provides a tremendous amount of instructions in the Bible about how to do marriage His way.  Sadly, even in churches, we seldom hear much about this wealth of knowledge about how to do marriage God’s way.

There are three distinct purposes given in the Scriptures for marriage, and each couple can easily fulfill those purposes.  The byproducts of doing so are to experience fulfillment, joy, emotional closeness, physical intimacy, and spiritual bonding with each other.  These are things are readily achieved when following God’s design for marriage.  Listen here:

And the 3rd interview: “A Biblical Marriage Takes Three”

When we do marriage God’s way, it is not a simple union of two people.  Ecclesiastes 4:12 says: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  The two strands are two believers, and the third strand is the presence of God in them.  This directly relates to Christian couples today who welcome the Holy Spirit into their union.  We don’t hear much today about the spiritual side of life, but it is real.

Deep within every person there is a desire to be spiritually connected with God as well as spiritually connecting with other humans.  This is where Christians have a distinct advantage, and with His Spirit as a part of your marriage, you can overcome any obstacle.  Listen here:

So, if you have not already listened to all 3 interviews, I encourage you to do so now.  These links will take you to the recordings, less a couple of breaks, but unedited at this point.  In about 3 weeks I will receive links to these interviews that will have been edited to polish them up a bit.  Personally, I'm fine with the raw conversations that I had with Louise Crooks on her show.  But once I have the edited versions, I will share them as well.  I will also post those edited recordings on for people to listen to in the future.

Towards the end of each interview, I offered the invitation for people to set up a call with me to discuss any subject they may want to discuss with me.  That invitation is always open to you, and to others who you know that may need some help in their relationships as well.  So feel free to share this email as you see fit, and encourage your friends to explore relationship coaching as a possible way to help them build fantastic relationships.

On a more personal note, I had intended to get this email out to those who follow my ministry earlier in the week.  But I got sidetracked in a big way securing my home and my mother-in-law's home for Hurricane Matthew, which is bearing down on us right now.  We are right on the coast of North Carolina, and are expecting a 6 to 8 foot storm surge tomorrow, between 14 and 18 inches of rain, and hurricane force winds over the next 24 hours.  My home is on high ground, and I have 18 gallons of fuel standing by for my generator.  So we will be fine right here.  But please pray for those who have been devastated by this storm.

Blessings to all,