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1.  To listen to the recording of Interview #1 ("The First Step to a Fulfilling Christian Marriage"), click on this link:

2.  Here's the way to listen live to interview #2 ("Discover The Divine Purpose for Marriage, and Follow God's Plan"), which is Wednesday (September 28th) at Noon (Eastern Time Zone):

    * To listen live, over the internet, use this link:

    *  To listen over your telephone, call this number at Noon:
        (646) 668-8921


Thoughts From Dave

My first interview on Louise Crooks internet radio show went very well, and I hope you will listen to the recording (the first link above) if you were not able to listen live.  And, if you know anyone who may be able to benefit from the ministry of Treasured Relationships, please send them the link as well.

I will send you the link to the recording of the second interview in a day or two.  And then, after the final interview (on Friday), I will send that link out as well.

One of my goals in these interviews is to instill hope for those who think their marital situations are hopeless.  The truth is that there is hope, whether or not these people are in touch with this fact.  And, ultimately, the greatest hope is found through God's design for marriage.  God is all about forgiveness, restoration and fresh starts.  And I talked about this in the first interview.  And in the next 2 interviews, I fully intend to talk more about how following God's pattern for marriage is the key to having great marriages.

I truly appreciate that Louise Crooks has given me this opportunity to broaden my audience with this format.  And I am trusting that God will use these interviews to help people.

So, if you listen to these interviews and find the content to be helpful, please share it with others.  

And look for the next email for the link to use for interview 3, as well as the link for the recording of interview 2.


Dave Wilder




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