A Gift for Valentine's Day!

Treasured Relationships Newsletter: February 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day weekend has arrived, a time to celebrate the love you share with the love of your life!

This edition of the Treasured Relationships newsletter is about only one subject: offering you a special gift of love.  I will send out a separate newsletter letting you know some exciting developments in this ministry, in about a week. But today my focus is entirely on offering you a special gift…

My Valentine’s Day Gift to You is a “Relationship Passion Boost”

This is a free, no obligation, no sales pitch, no hidden agenda opportunity to spend up to 1 hour with me on the phone between now and March 15, 2016. During your session, we will engage in a conversation about the hopes and dreams you each have for the relationship. It will be your time, so you can bring your own agenda. If you don’t have your own agenda for our session together, I will be prepared to ask questions to help you discover ways to intentionally promote the long-term health of your marriage.

Many married couples who deeply love each still find it difficult to keep the passion alive and growing. They lose the excitement they once had and don’t know how to get it back. They may not even know that they can recover that passion, but they certainly can!

Males and females express love very differently, while we actually want the same things in a loving relationship. When either one goes through a time of not “feeling the love” we need from our spouse, we subconsciously and unintentionally stop expressing love in a way that meets our partner’s needs. Soon neither one “feels the love.” This situation can develop gradually, sort of sneaking up on us so that one day we realize that something important is missing, we are stuck in a rut, and our marriage has somehow lost the sizzle it once had. That doesn’t feel good at all. And over time it gets worse unless we do something differently.

If your marriage is struggling, or perhaps stagnant and not very fulfilling, it is hard to get excited about this particular “holiday.” Sure, you will buy a card and try to do something nice for your spouse, but your heart won’t be in it. You may feel like there is little or no hope for the long-term health of your marriage; perhaps even that you are trapped in a situation that will never get any better. That’s a bad position to be in, and I can remember when that was a pretty good description of my own marriage, way back in the 1970’s. That experience, along with what I now know was God’s leadership and call on my life, led to my life-long determination to have a superb marriage and to help others find success in the same quest. Helping marriages succeed has been my profession for many years, as you probably already know.

Over the years I became skilled, experienced, and trained to identify these situations; and to guide couples in reversing that unfortunate trend. I learned that there are specific actions that any couple can do, so that genuine love and commitment is once again expressed freely. You have probably heard the saying that “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten.” It's true, and the secret to changing what you are getting in your relationship is to do something differently. My goal for these sessions is to help you set a strategy to do at least one thing differently, which will fuel your passion for each other. This will give your marriage a “passion boost.”

There is a catch: you have to schedule your “Relationship Passion Boost” during Valentine’s Week (February 14-20).  I have opened up every possible time slot on my calendar over the next 30 days for these sessions. In a week I will take down the extra time slots so that I can schedule my admin time, time for writing articles, and spend time with my own Valentine: Laura Wilder. So may I encourage you to take a minute right now, before you forget and before the available time slots get too picked over by others, to schedule your very own “Relationship Passion Boost.”

To schedule your time, simply access my online scheduling calendar on the Treasured Relationships Website and pick a time that works for you and your sweetie. (It is better for both to attend the session together, but I will be happy to talk to only one, or even to one at a time.) When you schedule your time with me, there will be a place to enter your contact information, so that I can send you instructions for the call. We will meet over my conference line, so that you can each be in different locations if needed. This will also enable me to record the session, and I will email you the link to the recording shortly after our time together, so that you won’t feel the need to take notes and will be able to refer back to the session as often as you wish. (NOTE:  Occasionally someone doesn’t want their session to be recorded. I will ask permission before starting the recording. Making a recording of our time together is completely optional, but I have found that most people appreciate being able to keep recordings of these sessions.)  Here is the link to my calendar: http://treasuredrelationships.com/v3/calendar


a.        I know that some of you are not real excited about Valentine’s Day. If that is the case, I especially want to encourage you to take me up on my offer. 

b.      Or perhaps you are excited about celebrating the love you and your spouse share; but you are aware of another couple for whom this will be a pretty empty celebration. Please pass my offer along to them.


Please tell others about Treasured Relationships! If you know anyone who might be able to benefit from this ministry, ask them to check out the website (www.treasuredrelationships.com). They can also schedule a free, no-obligation, 1-hour "strategy session" with me right on the website by clicking on one of my available time slots in my calendar. Then I will send them the details about how we can "meet" in real time via the telephone or internet. The days of having to drive across town for appointments are over, and we have embraced technology that makes this more effective and more convenient at the same time.


Welcome to new members of the Treasured Relationships community!

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Dave Wilder

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