Dave's Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely satisfied with your coaching experience.  I know that I can guide you through the process of putting new skills and strategies into practice in your marriage, getting clear on your purpose as a couple, and focusing on your future together instead of baggage from the past.  Different couples have different challenges, so my work is totally focused on taking you from where you are now to where you want to be as a couple.  This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but I have the resources and experience to design a program specific to you.  As you follow this process, you will: (1) reach new levels of commitment, (2) communicate better than ever before, (3) experience real intimacy, (4) deepen romance, (5) improve sexual fulfillment, and (6) create a more fulfilling marriage than you thought possible.

It is important to acknowledge that there is no "quick fix" that will change your whole lives instantly.  That is completely unrealistic.  However, breakthroughs take place in only a month or two and within 4 months you will have made great strides forward.  In about six months a major transformation will have taken place.  To truly solidify your total marital transformation requires being intentional about several areas of relating for close to a year, after which other couples will probably start asking what your secret is to being so happy!

I have three coaching packages, each targeting one of these levels of marital transformation.  There is a consultation process to help determine whether or not you are ready to commit to each other to boldly move forward, which package would be best suited for you, and whether or not we are a "good fit" for working together in this journey.  None of my coaching packages are available for just anyone to “buy.”  If our value systems and other factors are a complete mis-match, I can possibly find a more appropriate coach for you.  In the event that you hire me to coach you after a consultation or two, I will be completely dedicated to ensuring your success.  And, if you are not achieving the desired results as outlined above, we should end our coaching agreement.

Therefore, I make this ‘money-back guarantee’ to all my coaching clients:  If at the end of 30 days (from your first coaching session) you feel this program is not providing the results you wanted through this experience, and you have taken the recommended implementation action steps, just let me know and I will reimburse the full amount you have paid.



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“Most Valuable Decision”

Prior to coaching with Dave, I would lay awake at night worrying about our relationship struggles.  There were haunting questions about what could I have done differently to prevent the demise of the relationship and what could I do to improve the relationship, if possible.  That was when a decision to get help to put things into perspective had to be made.  The decision to seek coaching was one of the most valuable ones I have ever made.  Dave was very approachable and understanding.  His responses to my questions and issues seemed to always be on target.  The experience made sense to me in that he did not spout psychobabble or give a canned response learned from a book.  I deeply appreciated the fact that he genuinely listened, was reflective and thought provoking.  Now we have made much better decisions, moved on from the past, and gained a greater sense of peace which is very helpful.  Now we are doing well, are very happy, and continue toward building a great marriage.

      Larry P., Jacksonville, NC