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For more than 38 years, Dave Wilder has helped couples build great marriages.  His professional experience includes ministry as a Pastoral Counselor, Clinical Chaplain (hospital, mental hospital, and prison), Associate Pastor, Military Chaplain (USN for 6 years and USMC for 14 years); and after retiring from active duty, Marriage and Family Education Specialist as “LifeSkills Trainer” for the US Marine Corps.  Dave has personally led 920 relationship building workshops with 12,360 participants, and coached several thousand couples as they transformed their marriages.  He pioneered the approach of combining marriage enrichment, relationship skills training, and couples coaching; and trained other military chaplains to carry on this important work.  Dave chose to retire for a second time in late 2014 with two specific goals: (1) spend more time with his wife, children, and granddaughter, and (2) offer his expertise and experience to the civilian community in his ongoing quest to help couples thrive.

Dave established “Treasured Relationships LLC” as a faith-based and Bible-congruent ministry in order to offer relationship training and couples coaching.  He recently wrote: “This ministry is clearly what God has called me to and prepared me for.”  Having been successful at helping so many couples enhance their marriages, Dave knows what he’s doing when it comes to bringing out the best in your marriage!

Dave is passionate about helping committed couples build marriages that are incredible in every way.  From an office in a renovated barn/workshop behind his home near Wilmington, NC he assists couples around the globe.  Dave no longer provides counseling services, but rather makes referrals when therapy is needed.  For couples desiring better relationships but not needing therapy, the “new” approach of learning effective relationship skills and being coached in the process of achieving their specific needs, wants, and desires is powerfully effective.  This approach is also far less time-consuming than therapy and does not require digging up past failures, traumas, and the like.  Plus, it actually becomes an enjoyable process for participants.

Dave says that his new approach is so much fun, and brings such incredible results for his clients, that he will never return to providing traditional counseling services.  He is so convinced of the effectiveness of this new approach that he will “work for free for two months” if his clients don’t achieve their desired results!  See the “Dave’s Guarantee” tab on his website.

And for more information about Dave, see the “My Story” tab.  There you will find his educational background, specialized training and certifications, family information, and the story behind his passion for marriage building.



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“Most Valuable Decision”

Prior to coaching with Dave, I would lay awake at night worrying about our relationship struggles.  There were haunting questions about what could I have done differently to prevent the demise of the relationship and what could I do to improve the relationship, if possible.  That was when a decision to get help to put things into perspective had to be made.  The decision to seek coaching was one of the most valuable ones I have ever made.  Dave was very approachable and understanding.  His responses to my questions and issues seemed to always be on target.  The experience made sense to me in that he did not spout psychobabble or give a canned response learned from a book.  I deeply appreciated the fact that he genuinely listened, was reflective and thought provoking.  Now we have made much better decisions, moved on from the past, and gained a greater sense of peace which is very helpful.  Now we are doing well, are very happy, and continue toward building a great marriage.

      Larry P., Jacksonville, NC