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Attention: Christian couples seeking to follow God's design for marriage; your journey to a bliss-filled marriage starts here!

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Jesus, Matthew 6:21) While this quote directly has to do with trusting in worldly goods instead of in God, it also reveals a spiritual truth applicable to marriage, and that is found in other scriptures. "Treasured Relationships" is for Christian couples who want to experience the blessings God intends in their marriages. Our passion is helping couples learn relationship skills that really work, to coach them as they implement new patterns of relating, to empower them to achieve their highest goals in life together, and to follow God's revealed pattern for marriage. The result is enhanced marriages and faith-filled families. 

    In his "Sermon on the Mount" (Matthew, chapters 5-7), Jesus taught about the relationship between God and mankind, and gave several practical illustrations about how we are to live. This passage of scripture is the inspiration for our name and for our logo. The treasure map does not depict your search for a "perfect partner", but rather the journey two "imperfect partners" go through in life together to build a marriage that becomes their greatest treasure, their most significant and fulfilling human relationship, and a life-long adventure together.

    Throughout the Bible, we find that God is relational in nature. We were created for relationship with God and with a mate to whom we join emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our relationship with our spouse is intended to mirror our relationship with God. God's design for your marriage is for it to be a tremendous blessing to both of you, your children, and society. This is within your reach, by learning what to do, and then implementing changes so that you are doing marriage God's way!

    Think of marriage as a verb. It is something we do. If your marriage is not bringing you the results you crave, you might want to consider doing marriage differently. Continuing to do what you have been doing will likely produce more of the same results, but changing what you do will produce very different results. It is similar to dancing: if you are attempting to do the Foxtrot but only know how to square dance, you are going to have problems on the dance floor. Changing partners and doing the same dance again is not going to solve anything, but that is a common response in our society today. Instead of changing partners, the two of you can learn to do this marriage dance together as it is intended to be done. This is your journey to a bliss-filled,radical Christian marriage!

    There is a simple 4-step process that any couple can follow to bring permanent change to their lives. This does not involve counseling or therapy, but rather a much quicker and more enjoyable process that is also more effective for many couples. It has been my privilege to walk through this process with thousands of couples in more than 38 years of professional ministry focusing on relationship development. I have seen many couples who described their marriages as "bad" turn that around and build what they later described as "good marriages". But having a "good marriage" is not the full goal since we can go beyond that and have "blissful marriages."

    Permanent change does not take place overnight, even though one might seek instant solutions. However, it is not at all unreasonable to expect dramatic improvements in as little as 3 months and a complete transformation in under a year. I can't say that I have "perfected" this process, but I sure have learned a lot about how to help couples transform their marriages and experience the blessings God has in store for all married couples.

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    I invite you to take a few minutes browsing this website and getting to know more about my new ministry, which has begun on January 5th, 2015.  And, if you know anyone who might benefit from my expertise, experience, and passion to help couples have thriving marriages; how about pointing them my way!  May God's blessings be manifested in and through your most Treasured Relationships throughout 2015!





Four Simple Steps to Make Your Marriage an Awesome Treasure!

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“Most Valuable Decision”

Prior to coaching with Dave, I would lay awake at night worrying about our relationship struggles.  There were haunting questions about what could I have done differently to prevent the demise of the relationship and what could I do to improve the relationship, if possible.  That was when a decision to get help to put things into perspective had to be made.  The decision to seek coaching was one of the most valuable ones I have ever made.  Dave was very approachable and understanding.  His responses to my questions and issues seemed to always be on target.  The experience made sense to me in that he did not spout psychobabble or give a canned response learned from a book.  I deeply appreciated the fact that he genuinely listened, was reflective and thought provoking.  Now we have made much better decisions, moved on from the past, and gained a greater sense of peace which is very helpful.  Now we are doing well, are very happy, and continue toward building a great marriage.

      Larry P., Jacksonville, NC